Many of SOJAG’s working areas are located in difficult-to-reach areas with communication being difficult. There areas lack facilities and institutions to cater to the needs of children for their education, mental and physical development and also not enough schools for children to go to. It must be said that parents, in general, do not deem it worthwhile to send them to schools.

With the aim of providing the children opportunities for education and overall development, SOJAG has been implementing ‘Pre-School’ program since long. Ten schools are now running with about 300 children. Average attendance to these schools is about 80%. These pre-schools also strive to bring in school-dropouts children as well.

To encourage youth in pursuing education beyond the primary level, SOJAG has been organizing receptions to GPA-5 recipients of high schools all over its working areas. SOJAG has also been awarding easy loans for students pursuing higher studies in engineering, medical and other universities.