Does this Child know!?!

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Look at his eyes, the facial expression, fingers on his chin, the raised eyebrow!! But how can he? He is only 9 months old! How could he know that his father is one of the hundreds of others who lost … Continued

Computerization of SOJAG Micro Credit Program

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In June, 2013, DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited and SOJAG (Somaj-O-Jati Gathan), Dhamrai, Dhaka have signed a contract to work together to automate Microfinance business process for SOJAG. SOJAG (Somaj-O-Jati Gathan) has 14 branches in total along with Head Office. All … Continued

The Lucky One!

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Nasir is one of the lucky ones to be alive. But his story was so amazing that belied reason and logic! He said he was on the 8th floor and as the building started to shake he was so driven … Continued


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The Annual General Meeting of SOJAG General Body was held on Friday, November 01, 2013 at its Headquarters located in Shailan, Dhamrai, Dhaka. Twenty two out of 25 members attended the meeting. The Director of SOJAG, Mr. Abdul Matin, apprised … Continued

Agricultural Development And Extension Program

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a) Agriculture Credit & Farmer Insurance In 2013 SOJAG provided credit to 14,907 farmers the total outstanding of which amounts to Tk. 1,872,310,038. In an effort to extend insurance coverage for the farmers each recipient of credit is required to … Continued

Rural Micro-Credit

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This program, especially for rural women for increasing their social awareness and income generating activities, is being implemented in 348 villages of 44 unions under 4 districts. A total of 13,522 women have been brought under this program. Currently, 7,584 … Continued

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