SOJAG Training Center

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The construction of the 8-storied SOJAG Development Management Institute, located in Kalampur, Dhamrai, is now complete. Each floor has a space of 3000 sq. feet. The building will house the office and studios of SOJAG Radio, Training rooms, hostels, meeting rooms and an auditorium. It will have space for youth involved in ‘out-sourcing’ work.

The topmost floor has sound proof studios and the office of SOJAG Radio under its Community Radio Program. The band width and frequency, however, is expected to be allocated soon. An FM band transmission tower has already been set up on the roof. The 6th floor will have cafeteria; 5th and 4th floor will have dormitories to house 70 participants. There are four VIP rooms as well. The Conference room is housed on the third floor with a capacity of 250 persons. Second floor will have space for out-sourcing work employing youths.

A heavy duty generator (85kva) has been installed, an 8-person lift set up and functioning and internal decoration work is now in progress.

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