Holding of Dental Camp

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A Dental Camp was organized by SOJAG with the assistance of SAPPORO Dental College and Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka (http://www.sapporodentalcollege.com.bd/) on Friday, November 14 at Shailan under its SOMRIDDHI KOROMOSHUCHI (ENRICH Program) being implemented in Sombhag Union. About 300 patients were treated in the day long camp. A total of 19 Dentists, including 4 Internees from SAPPORO, performed the various dental procedures including tooth extraction.

Patients came from all the 21 villages and many others from adjoining villages. The Dental Camp was organized as an ongoing program to ensure primary health care to the inhabitants of the Union. SOJAG workers did a PR campaign well in advance to inform the villagers on the venue and date of the camp. The number of people turning up at the Camp shows that it was huge success.

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