SOJAG Grants for Savar Rana Plaza Victims

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SOJAG, a local NGO had identified 33 families who lost their dear ones and those who were physically injured. On 8th July it organized an event where all the families were brought in and cash grants were awarded to the families. Each of the families received grants up to Tk. 60,000 for starting different livelihood earning projects of each family’s choice. Some for rearing milking cows, land mortgage, small grocery shops and tailoring shops.

Those who left behind young kids an amount of Tk. 2,000 will be provided per month for two years to augment food and nutrition and rearing of that child. The local MP was present along with other public servants.

Mr. Nasir, in the picture below, received Tk. 60,000 (about US$800) for starting a small grocery shop.

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