Computerization of SOJAG Micro Credit Program

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In June, 2013, DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited and SOJAG (Somaj-O-Jati Gathan), Dhamrai, Dhaka have signed a contract to work together to automate Microfinance business process for SOJAG. SOJAG (Somaj-O-Jati Gathan) has 14 branches in total along with Head Office. All branches and head office will be brought under “MicroFin360” services by DataSoft. With that end in view SOJAG has procured adequate number of laptops and desk top computers for its branch and head offices and DataSoft has been providing training to relevant SOJAG staff on the Micro Finance Software.

The “Microfin360” is a Micro-Finance Management Software specially developed for the Microfinance Institutes, NGO’s and Cooperative Societies to automate their work-flow. It is Microfinance Regulatory Authority (MRA) & Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) compliance solution having rich set of features, hundreds of parameterized reports, management statistical dashboard and centralized operation facility. This software features integrated Management Information System (MIS), Accounting Information System (AIS) & Human Resource (HR) modules.

Microfin360 can be called as Credit Bureau for MFIs that serves

  • Unique borrower identification.
  • Product risk management
  • Overlapping identification
  • Platform independent operation to feed multiple data source from the MFIs
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