VISION STATEMENT: To create a society where Liberty, Equality, Justice, Compassion and Human dignity are equally shared by all its members.

  • SOJAG at National Martyr's Monument
  • SOJAG Center
  • Grader & Cleaner-Seed Production
  • Harvester at Work
  • Paddy Thrasher
  • Receiving check from Bangladesh Bank Governor

Latest news and events

SOJAG AGM 2017 Held

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The Annual General Meeting of SOJAG General Body was held on Saturday, November 25, 2017 at its Headquarters located in Shailan, Dhamrai, Dhaka. Twenty two out of 25 members attended the meeting. The... READ MORE

Cow Fattening Project Under Livestock Program

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Cow Fattening Project Under Livestock Program (Dec 2016 – Nov 2017) Summary of the Project as of 25-10-2017   No, of Cattle heads distributed                       – 15,031 Total Loan Distributed                                   – 473,447,000 Total... READ MORE

Training/Workshop for SOJAG Staff

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A training program/workshop on SOJAG Web and other matters will be held on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 10:00 am at SOJAG Center in Kalampur. The workshop will be participated by SOJAG management... READ MORE

Livestock Service Week

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A week long government sponsored “Livestock Service Week” was organized throughout Bangladesh. The Ministry and the relevant Directorate as well as NGOs participated in observing the week.   SOJAG and ACME Pharmaceuticals jointly... READ MORE

SOJAG Seed Plant

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Agriculture being the foundation of Bangladesh economy and coupled with the fact that 85% of SOJAG’s target population is dependent on agriculture, SOJAG in 1999 launched Agriculture program with assistance from DANIDA. The... READ MORE

Taka 40 Crore Loan From Trust Bank

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The Trust Bank Limited, a private commercial bank sponsored by the Bangladesh Army Welfare Trust, has approved a loan of Tk. 40 crores (400 million) to SOJAG. The checks for Tk. 1.5 crores... READ MORE

Reception for GPA-5 Students

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Each year SOJAG organizes receptions for the recipients of GPA-5 (A+) students of all Dhamrai schools, Madrasahs and Vocational Institutions. This year (2015) also a reception was organized for 124 students who obtained... READ MORE

SOJAG Training Center

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The construction of the 8-storied SOJAG Development Management Institute, located in Kalampur, Dhamrai, is now complete. Each floor has a space of 3000 sq. feet. The building will house the office and studios... READ MORE